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My name is Tim Bullock and I handcraft turkey boxcalls. 

I have been hunting Wild Turkey for over 35 years. I began crafting Box Calls because I wanted the ultimate challenge of calling in a Wild Turkey with a call that I had crafted.

Each call is handcrafted one at a time to ensure the best possible tone, and all of my calls are made with the hunter in mind. I use a variety of wood and each piece is hand picked to ensure the best quality possible. Every call is signed and dated by me and gives a description of the origin of the wood used.

My goal is to make a call that’s easy to use, has excellent sound quality and easy to carry in the field.

Please take a look around to learn more about our award winning turkey boxcalls, and reach out if you have any questions. 

"My goal is to make a call that's easy to use, has excellent sound quality and easy to carry in the field."

Tim Bullock

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Handmade, Award Winning Turkey Calls

Since 2015, No Bull Custom Calls has won over 15 awards from the National Wild Turkey Federation including the Grand National Callmaker of the Year and the Grand National Gibson Award for the Best Sounding Boxcall, both in 2022.  

Both our Shortbox and Longbox Turkey Calls received first place in their categories from NWTF in 2022. 

Most recently, in 2024, we were named the NWFT Grand Callmaker of the Year. 

We are proud to provide handmade, award winning, custom Turkey Calls.